5 cost effective PPC solutions 


5 cost effective PPC solutions

PPC advertising is quite a common way that can give a good-looking ROI for people who launch promotion campaigns using them or affiliate marketers who place the third-party ads on their websites. But what PPC solutions should one utilize? or which ones are the most cost-effective? First of all, one has to define on what side one stands: the one who places its own ad and wants it to be promoted or the one that actually promotes the third-party ads on one’s website. Here we prepared for you, the Top 5 Cost-effective PPC Solutions. Before we go on, we would like to remind you that ranking them can be a challenge, but there are certain techniques that help to check the cost-effectiveness.

One of the more apparent methods to use to determine if a solution is trustworthy is the traffic volume it creates and the number of clients it touts having. More people use the same solution means higher density and competition level for ad placement. Just as critical, one has to learn about their ads’ conversion rate. Once more factor to take into account is the average click pricing. From the perspective of the person who plans to earn money from advertising third-party ads it is indeed the most important factor. Another factor is the consistency of the payments.

What people ask the most: which PPC solution does allow getting more profits or which PPC solution is the best? Regardless what PPC solution you are employing in your marketing strategy or are going to use, it is highly recommended to carry out A/B tests to determine the most profitable ad location and sizes to boost your CTR (click-through-rate) and eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille calculated as (CPC x CTR) x 1000 = eCPM).

Using the PPC solutions that you are going to hear now, you have a very good chance of receiving great results in terms of Return On Investment Rate. They are not panaceas and can not guarantee you anything if your website or products are bad and completely unattractive from the user’s perspective. If you have weighed the advantages and disadvantages of PPC and clearly understand what you are plunging in, here are the promising solutions:

1) Google AdSense

No listartice on this topic could be regarded exhaustive without acknowledging the Google Ad network (The Unequivocal Leader of PPC Ad networks or probably the best ad network). For blog and other website web masters, the first solution to check out is Google AdSense. One of the major advantages of AdSense is that Google has plethora of advertisers in its portfolio (it’s Google’s biggest cash cow) and this ensures that they can provide ads that are both of high relevancy and quality which spells into a better CTR and more earnings for marketers.

As the web master, you have power over determining exactly what sort of banners pop up on pages of your website. You’ll have plenty of analytics and stats that indicate just how profitable it is for you irrespective of the side of the AdSense campaign. For affiliate marketers – how worthy is your website, for people that place their own ads – how effective is the network of advertisers and their promotion efforts. The system works very smoothly and does not require a lot of prior knowledge or skills from both parties involved, and there are no registration payment required.

If, you already use Adsense, get a free consultation from our of AdSense wizards on how you can optimize your earnings. You are expected to show ads that are relevant to your website topics and interesting to your website audience, and you are receiving money determined by the amount of people that you succeeded to persuade to hit on the ad banners on your website. You can also integrate a custom search box into your website structure, and receive commissions from the ads that pop up on the SERPs. You just have to provide significant free space and select the location of the ads. Afterwards advertisers take part in a real time auction to get into your allotted ad spaces and the best money-making ads then take their places on your website.

Thousands of marketers get their income from AdSense, so what’s the deal? If Google AdSense is so great, why do some people get out of it? The truth is the harsh approval process of AdSense network that does filter out a lot of websites and prevents them joining or bans them after the initial approval for AdSense misdeeds. You have to come through validation, and that implies that your ads or your website have to be conforming with the prerequisites Google has determined. For instance, if the main language of your ad is not included in their list of supported languages, then you should go somewhere else.

A big percentage of former AdSense marketers have also been banned because they’ve been caught on using click scams. If Google announces that they’re banning your account, it is almost impossible to argue or change the situation. Appeal is possible, but the chance that it comes through and will be heard and acknowledged is close to zero. So do not put all the eggs in one basket – especially if it is Adsese basket – and find out other sources of income or networks to promote your ads.

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2) Media Net

This is the Yahoo-Bing ad network. This PPC ad network lets you get clearly see just how big Adsense is, since two IT giants like Yahoo and Microsoft were obliged to consolidate their powers and expertise in order to develop an ad network that can compete with AdSense. There is an option of choosing how the ads should look so that they are compatible with your original website color scheme, and you can ban some advertisers and deter certain ad categories. While the amount of customers can in fact be comparable with Google’s, the prerequisites for being validated may actually be more challenging for the majority of non-western webmasters. Your site’s traffic should largely come from the US, Canada, or the UK. You’re also obliged to use English as your website’s main language.


3) Bidvertiser

Although it is not quite as famous as the first two PPC solutions, Bidvertiser has some decided advantages particularly if you’ve been excluded from Google PPC network for some misdeed. It does not take much time to come through moderation process because there no harsh conditions concerning the number of visitors and language used. The integration into a website takes not long. You just have to add an HTML code to your webpages, and then you can effortlessly edit the visuals of the ads. The commissions may not be as juicy per click, but you get fees not just for clicks generated but for conversions as well. But there are still some issues that you need to know. If you have a narrow niche website, then the ads that pop up may not be all that applicable to your topics. And the metrics are not as exhaustive and clear as they should be; there are not a lot of stats on CTR.


4) Chitika

While the AdSense-banned web masters may be seeking the other PPC solutions, the great thing about Chitika is that you participate in it simultaneously while using other PPC solutions. Confirmation may be a little long (up to a week). The upside you only need to have one of your websites validated. After getting the confirmation for that one website, you can then apply the PPC solution for any of your web platforms in your ownership without any further validation. You can also change the size of ads for mobile traffic to simplify the process of earning money through it. The PPC fees are actually believed to be lower than other ad networks’. The plus is you can ask for payment even when your accumulated sum of commissions is not very high. You’ll have to make $50 if you wish to get your earnings by check. If you take the payment through PayPal the threshold is only $10. The biggest characteristics that distinguishes Chitika from the other PPC services is that the ads do not depend on context at all. In place of that, the ads are determined by the phrases that the user uses in the search query and gets redirected to your website. The advantage of this method is higher relevancy of ads.


5) Infolinks

The Infolinks PPC ad network is one of the more suitable additional solutions for those who already utilize one of the well-known PPC ad solutions. The reason is the ads in the PPC network are relatively low-key — they differentiate from others by offering unusual ad spaces (not banners). As an alternative, the ads (insearch, intext, intag, inframe) have a very small format, sometimes just hyperlinks. Once users just hover their mouse pointers over the links the ads are shown. Confirmation period is not long, and that’s because it’s focused more on content and not on the number of visitors you have. The set-up is simple with java script included into the code structure of your site. There are plugins that simplify your life on CMS platforms like WordPress, joomla, Blogger, or Drupal. The only drawback is you’ll have to draw visitors from the US or UK. Infolinks are applicable only for English and Spanish.

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Wrapping up…

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