Best website design – is it really important?


Companies ask themselves why they need best website design – is it really important in comparison to other website elements such as content, social buzz, SEO. Does a beautiful, snappy website design really matter? Companies are not so eager to begin their search for a company that will give their websites a new look. After all, it is said that content (inner beauty) is more important. Despite their apprehensions concerning webdesign, lots of researches indicate a thoughtfully crafted website will provide more traffic and an elegant user interface will lead to higher conversion. Why?

When you are moving to online dimension, you only have a moment to grab someone’s attention. Consciousness is a strange thing. Inner dialogues, images, words and external stimulus are all flying around. And during that passing moment, people make quick judgments about you, your business, and your website. They do not have time to read the content yet. They are obliged to judge you by your website’s looks, not because they are snobbish.

Here are two essential components that great web designers try to remember when develop a website:


Interaction begins with a website navigation. The navigation of a website can bring crowds of people or ruin a site, which is especially true for giant websites with an enormous database. The website navigation should be so intuitive that even a baby can understand it. Nowadays, navigation and interfaces of some apps are so simple, that toddlers find amusing even though they can not read at all.

Content-friendly design

The content of your site is important, but the design that shows the content from the best angle is important as well. A website design can not be developed without the proper research on the current trends and needs of user interfaces.  The world is changing all the time and you should make sure that your website design is in accordance with the wishes of your target audience. If you have in mind the young and not so young people who embraced all new technologies and spend the better part of their lives in front of a computer screen, dearly attached to a smartphone, or bombarded with too much information which they can hardly process, then try to think like them for a minute. Otherwise you risk to be marked with TL;DR: “Too long; didn’t read” and in a fleeting second disappear from their memory for ever.

Why your website is worth their attention? Is it content or usability of the website that attracts people? Do not overdo with both webdesign or content. If you have at least some experience of living or interacting with people, you must already know this simple truth that should guide you for the rest of your life.

People do not care about you or your product you have created for them.

What people care about is figure out their own problems. ASAP! Here are the most popular ones:

  • They want/need information
  • They want/need something material that can solve their problems.
  • They crave some entertainment and relaxation.
  • They want/need to be part of a community.

If it is information they want, give them information and make the internal search as convenient as it can be. Great usability is a must here. If it is entertainment, do not bore people with information that should be on the previous type of website. The millennial generation loathes being given information that they do not care at the moment: be quick or get lost. It is a sign of a talent if one can create the site that can provide all four functions without making the site too cumbersome and cluttered.

Here are new trends that you should keep in mind:

1)         Parallax scrolling

2)         Card design – similar to Pinterest design. It is perfect for all TL;DR people out there.

3)         Material design. The mix of skeuomorphism and completely flat design.

4)         Ghost buttons

5)         Micro UX – provides a nice interaction that’s a pleasure to repeat

6)         Hidden menus

7)         Pinned elements

8)         Scrolling not clicking

9)         Motion design

10)       Dynamic/animated charts

11)       Modular scrolling

12)       Shades of color

13)       Super-navigation

The website design is important as it is a threshold to people.  A user takes only several seconds to decide whether they are going to continue browsing your site or not. You need to take note that you developed this website not to increase company sales by n%, but to award people for the fact that they chose your website over millions of other websites. If you do not have time to do this complex work of research, programming and designing, it is better to give it for outsourcing to reliable and trustworthy web designing company, such as Sunshine Digital Marketing Agency. You can also get a free consultation on marketing and web design.

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