Polina Beletskaya, the head of the marketing department at SunShine Digital Marketing Agency will take care about your request. She has spent over 5 years as a strategy consultant, working with brands across the world to deliver results from their online presence. Hello! What can I add? I've also spent 5 years in educational marketing as a blogger and trainer, and I’m an invited expert and columnist on top industry portals, where I work with leading business publishing houses as a critic and reviewer. I’m really proud to have helped hundreds of clients to grow their businesses online, as well as having enabled thousands of marketers to improve their professional skills. Now let us see what I can do for your business
What you get if you submit a request for a free consultation
Brief website content and usability analysis – Your website structure, navigation, texts, visual content and marketing appeal will be carefully studied – and you'll get a list of corrections to be made.
On-Page SEO recommendations – You'll be advised which areas of your website are to be improved and receive a report on the changes needed to lift your search engine ranking.
SMM advice Your current social media accounts (if any), their content, activity and engagement will be examined – and you'll be informed what should be added or corrected.
Digital advertizing advice Channels corresponding to your business goals will be sorted out, and you'll be given brief recommendations of working with them.
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