Email marketing tips to gain maximum benefit


Email marketing tips

Email marketing is a hugely valuable tool in your market arsenal, however it is also a much-misunderstood area and something that many businesses approach in the wrong way. Some businesses, for example, believe that effective email marketing is just about sending promotional emails, whilst other organizations think that it is ok to send emails to people who have never even opted-in to a mailing list. In this article we are going to give you some email marketing tips that will help you to gain maximum benefit from this valuable way of communicating with your prospects and customers…

Send out valuable content

The golden rule of email marketing is that it shouldn’t all be about selling. It can certainly be effective to let your customers know about your latest product or send them details of a new promotion that you’ve got running, however it is usually a mistake to send these kinds of emails all the time. If you want people to continue opening your emails and wish to build a stronger relationship with them, then you should also send valuable content too. If you were a clothing shop, for example, then you might send out a regular email newsletter that gives people fashion tips.


Pay special attention to the subject line

One of the best email marketing tips is to ensure that you pay special attention to the subject line of any email you send. The subject line is your opportunity to make people actually open your email in the first place. You could be sending somebody something that they would really be interested in, however if your subject line is poor then they might never even open the email and get to see what it was that you were offering. The best subject lines are informative, whilst also adding a little intrigue. You want to give people a clue as to the content without revealing the full picture. They’ll have to open the email for that!


Remember to keep emails short

People don’t have time to sit reading an essay. Your emails should be straight to the point and give people the opportunity to choose what content they want to read. If you are sending an email newsletter, for example, then it’s probably a good idea to include just an excerpt from each article within the actual email, with a link to your website where they can read the full thing. This also has the added bonus of taking people to your website, where you may be selling your products or services.


Include a call to action

One of the most useful email marketing tips (and indeed marketing tips in general) is to have a strong call to action. If you want people to do something (e.g. buy your product) then you need to tell them so! Your call to action should be simple and obvious, so that people can’t fail to know what action you want them to take.


Outsource it to a professional

Email marketing is tricky to get right, which is why many businesses choose to outsource email marketing to a specialist agency such as Sunshine Agency. This is often the best option, especially if you have no experience or relevant skills.


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