How to get website traffic from search engines


People who just recently launched a new website often complain that they have no in-coming traffic and no income consequently. No traffic, no sales. The most depressive thing is that you are not able to test the main elements of the website and how sales can be done on it. But, there are a lot of cures for it, ranging from free to extremely expensive.

  • If you are in hurry to test the website components quickly, you have an option of buying traffic from PPC traffic companies. It is adviced to buy targeted, long-tail keywords that are suitable for your website. This will provide a limited number of website visitors who will disappear as quickly as they appeared. The next step is PPC advertising campaign, which is bigger and more effective than just buying traffic directly from some sources.
  • Do not forget about an organic search which is better in the long-term perspective and gives you more freedom than bidded keywords. To get people genuinely interested in your site is impossible without original articles that disclose some unique, not easily obtainable information.
  • Besides, providing several good-written articles is sometimes easier than producing wagons of non-original content. Even just five interesting blog posts can attract a lot of people. The only downside of organic search is that these people may not be willing to buy anything from you at the moment. But they will take you for an industry expert and keep in mind (or in browser bookmarks or follow your RSS). Building long-term relationships proves sometimes to be more profitable than short-term money-hunting game. The advice is generate new content regularly so that people stay with you long enough to get your company’s name imprinted in their minds forever.
  • Besides just publishing content on your own site, you have an option to distribute it to several places. But, first you have to determine who might be interested in your articles. Try to find out some popular websites that operate the same area as you are, contact their owners and offer them some juicy pieces of your content. If it is really worth it, they will be glad to publish them on their websites for free and even thank you. But, if you happen to be a person who shies away from contacting unknown people directly, there is an option for you too. You can share with your masterpieces through free content websites like these: and Your creative-writing masterpieces will automatically be made available to thousands of webmasters that look for free and good articles for their websites. All you have to do is submit your content once. Do not let other people belittle the power of sharing with your content. You will be surprised that in some time (when you almost forgot about it), some of executives of famous magazine contacts you and asks you for new articles, if the previous were excellent.
  • Make your article viral. There are very simple techniques here, for example adding”share it with other link” at the bottom of an article. “If you’ve enjoyed reading this, you can share it with a friend!”
  • Another great way to make visitors like your site is to give a demo of your products that you are selling, for example software or plugin.Asking for a backlink is not recommended if you make it sound like spam. Do a thorough research first and follow these simple instructions: Take notice of the websites that show up in the SERPs for your keywords. Use the Alexa Toolbar, LinkPopularity or Technorati to learn about the websites that have their backlinks. Try to get as much information as possible. This meticulousness is rewarding: you will not look like a spammer when you get in touch with these websites’ owners. Write a personal e-mail in which include some genuine thoughts regarding their websites, brief history of your company and website (along with your URL), an clear reasons why a link to you would be profitable for them.
  • Affiliate Programs are also great in generating traffic. But it is not cheap thing. For each link you will have to pay commissions. On the bright side you can get truckloads of people referring to you and your business. Before you start, you need to make up a nice copy, develop software for tracking links and banners, develop plugins that can accelerate work on different CMS platforms etc.

Remember, the above-mentioned tips are just tip of the iceberg. The SEO business is bigger and more complicated. However a lot of people can learn the main ideas and concepts pretty quickly. Free SEO education is widely available on the internet, just a little practice (1-3 year) and you might even become a SEO guru.

Depending on how much time you have on your hands and the difficulty level of your business, you may decide you need a professional to handle things for you or at least consult you. Our team of professionals will be happy to help with websites of any form and size. Consultations can be a starting point for a very profitable digital business.

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