How To Promote a Google Plus page


How To Promote a Google Plus page

Google Plus is an increasingly popular social network that provides a great way to grow and communicate with your audience. Success with Google Plus however relies on getting a large number of targeted people to follow your Google Plus page. In this blog post we are going to show you how to promote a Google Plus page and give you a few handy tips that will accelerate your success and increase the rate at which you gain followers.

Make regular updates to your page

One of the best ways to encourage people to follow and engage with your Google Plus page is to make it a valuable source of great content. This means making frequent posts and sharing great content on your page that your target audience will find useful or interesting. This doesn’t have to be all your own content – sharing content from external sources can be very effective and shows people that you are in touch with what is happening within your field or industry, which helps to establish your brand as an expert.


Add a Google Plus badge to your website

Adding a Google Plus badge to your website means that visitors can instantly follow your page and add it to circles directly from your website, without the need to manually search for you.


Connect your Google Plus page with your website

It is possible to link your page to your website, which helps you to better connect with followers and customers, as well as meaning that Google can more easily determine the relevance of your site when producing search results.


Connect your Google Plus page with an AdWords campaign

Using social extensions you can connect your Google Plus page with a Google AdWords campaign, which means that it will show up a link to your Google Plus profile below your ad, along with details of how many followers you have.


Promote your page URL online and offline

You can get a customised URL for your Google Plus page, which provides you with a short, easy to remember address that you can then use within your marketing. In addition, whilst online methods are clearly going to be the primary focus in an article about how to promote a Google Plus page, it is also important not to dismiss offline promotion. If you send out a regular company newsletter, for example, then make sure that you can add your Google Plus page address to it. Or why not add it to your business card?


Add a +1 link to your blog posts

If you have a company blog then it is an excellent idea to add social media sharing buttons at the end of each posts. There are many website plugins that can enable you to easily do this, meaning that when people like your post they can click the +1 link and share it with their Google Plus followers.


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