Key benefits of social media for your business


Social media builds traffic to a website

Perhaps the greatest challenge that social marketers deal with is finding ways to smoothly invite people from social channels to their websites without loosing them altogether. The capacity to check and optimize these touch-points to reduce negative effects can be one of the key benefits of social media for your business. One of the most trustworthy and useful analytics tools applicable for this task besides Google Analytics is Facebook’s Insights tool.

Although it is new in comparison to Google Analytics, Facebook’s Insights functionality undergoes the constant improvements and provides fascinating insights to clever marketers.

Not only does the Facebook’s tool allow for plenty of useful data on your posts, it can actually analyze every single piece of content you dissipate. Even more practical is the intrinsic option to take this gathered data and convert it to a spreadsheet format that can be properly studied in Excel.

Social media creates community

Another key benefit of social media for business is the building of the community. Blogs are good, but they do not provide the same options of becoming the community like social networks or forums. A properly developed social media strategy doubtless generates a lot of traffic, but the objective is creating a vibrant and engaging online community. If this community will be strong and tight, it can be the basis for natural content dissipation thanks to viral marketing.

Social media provides a lot of ground-breaking information

In fact, predicting how a person on any social media platform will interact with your content is a lot of painstaking work that requires scouring lots of data to begin with. All forms of social media have an intrinsic ability to provide for this information through profiles, walls, post statistics, etc. You can learn so much information. But remember some information can be false – people are not always revealing their true identity. So you might falsely conclude that your social group is frequented only by male population or elderly, when in fact it is the opposite of the truth. You have to switch on your logic to the fullest. Do not be naïve when gather information, sometimes profile data maybe be absolutely inconsistent what a person writes in the posts. A very thorough research is applicable of course only when you have plenty of time on your hands or when the clients are so important and influential that it is worth it.

Social media allows a perfect opportunity to carry out A/B tests

All you need to do to organize your own A/B tests is to define one or two variations of your social media page (in order to provide better performance and significance of the experiment, ensure that these alternations are as small as possible) and to determine an ultimate call to action for these pages (for example, a hit on a certain button, the download of a resource or a conversion) and Google Analytics will take care of the rest.

In conclusion, we want to say that it is only human to long to belong somewhere or find the similar-minded people: be it a public group dedicated to celebrity in Facebook, a forum for recovering alchoholics or Reddit page about politics. Finding a place to dwell is a necessity. It is true for real life and online realm. That’s what makes social media platforms so powerful. And once they’ve gathered somewhere, users like to share what they gives them joy or anger. If you want to become visible in the eyes of all the little communities relevant for your company, you do not have any other option, but to actively engage with them on social networks. Sunshine Digital Marketing Agency has jumped on the social media wagon a long time ago and by using the above-mentioned techniques learned a lot. Since sharing is what social media is all about, Sunshine Agency is ready to share the wisdom with you. You get a free consultation with a marketing wizard who has helped hundreds of companies get a unique voice in social media.

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