Sunshine Digital Marketing Agency Partnership Program

Do you need a reliable partner to provide web design, SEO, social, PPC, or other digital services?
A Trusted Agency that Cares

What do you usually do when your clients, friends or just acquaintances ask you to provide digital services that you have no time or expertise for? What about when they ask you to recommend an expert, and you don’t happen to know anyone? Do you just refuse and forget?

We offer another solution that will make both parties more than satisfied. Your clients or friends will get high quality digital services from world-class professionals – and you will get attractive monthly commissions in return for arranging this helpful connection. Even more importantly, you can rest assured that the people you refer are in good hands, and that your reputation as a referrer is safe and sound!

We are Really Good at:
How Does It Work?
1 Next time, when your client or friend is seeking an experienced agency to help him with his web design, SEO, PPC, social media marketing or other needs, simply refer him/her onto us. Contact us and provide the name of a person or a company you refer.
2 Your referral contacts us, too, and lets us know your name as a referrer.
3 If our negotiations with your referral are a success, and we begin working with him/her, you will receive 10% commission on each month’s fee.