PPC Services in Dubai: Get Targeted Traffic through Paid Search Campaigns

Pay Per Click sponsored ads are your perfect way to attract new clients from all over the web. The main benefit of this way of promoting goods and services is that PPC campaigns engage internet users who are already interested in your offers. And sponsored ads do it fast, which is not the case with organic search results. This makes your advertizing efforts much easier, and your conversions much higher.

How PPC Campaigns Attract New Clients from the Internet:

Internet users browse the web by entering certain keywords into search engines. The latter offer your sponsored ads relevant to these keywords.
You sponsor the ads according to a pay per click principle. It means that you only pay for a desired action, i.e., the user’s transfer to your website.
I changed this sentence as the original didn’t make sense. Let me know if this is what you intended it to mean.
And conversions can be even higher if you know the secrets of successful ads makeup. Or delegate it to specialists who will do it for you.
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All the Features You Need Your complete PPC solution

Initial consultation

We discuss your business and develop a PPC campaign strategy and budget suitable for your company. We have both ready packages and custom solutions.

Target audience analysis and keyword research

We study your target audience, its needs, interests and search requests to find the right PPC campaigns concept and work out the advertizing strategy.

Landing page identification

We decide what landing page(s) will be used for the campaign and optimize it for higher conversions. In the case that you have no ready landing page(s), we’ll provide one(s).

Full competition analysis

We find out how your competitors are engaging their prospects, what keywords, texts and graphics they use, and what should be done to leave them behind.

Texts and/or banner creation

Our professional copywriters (and designers) create text and/or banner ads according to search engines’ recommendations, marketing rules and your own goals.

PPC account settings and bid management

We establish all account settings, such as geography, max daily spent, match type, bid gap, bid prices and positions. We also implement special codes to ensure conversions tracking.

PPC campaign optimization

We start your campaign and optimize it for better conversions on a daily basis. We analyze texts effect, click-through rate, traffic, keyword cost, etc. – and make improvements.

Detailed reports and progress stats

To keep you informed of our PPC services and their results, we deliver monthly reports and weekly stats on the money spent, ads performance, conversions, traffic stats, etc.

Constant customer support

We don’t give up with your problems and questions and are always ready to help you with a word of advice or technical support. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Working Process

1 You submit a request for a PPC campaign, and we contact you to discuss details.
2 We analyze your business and audience to work out a pay per click strategy and determine a budget.
3 We make an offer and send it for your approval.
4 We conduct a deep keyword research and competition analysis.
8 We constantly optimize texts, keywords list, bids and budget, etc.
7 We submit text and/or banner ads and start pay per click campaigns.
6 We setup your PPC account and provide tracking codes.
5 We create text and/or banner ads.
9 We deliver detailed monthly reports and weekly progress stats.
10 We provide constant customer support.

PPC Services Plans:

Services Lite Pro Enterprise
  Recommended budget $1,000/month Recommended budget $10,000/month Recommended budget $50,000/month
Initial consultation
Target audience analysis
Competition analysis
Landing page(s) creation One per month
Number of PPC campaigns 1 10 50
Keywords 10 75 200
Texts and banner ads Google Google, Bing, Yahoo Google, Bing, Yahoo
Campaign setup
Campaign management
Detailed monthly reports
Weekly progress stats
Full support 24/7
Price: $150 (550 AED)/month $1000 (3 650 AED)/month $5000 (18 250 AED)/month
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You are welcome to request an individual РРС Services plan

Some common questions our customers ask

When will I see the results of my campaigns?
One of the key benefits of PPC is the immediate result. You'll see your traffic and conversions grow from the very beginning of a campaign.
How can I estimate the effect of my campaigns?
First of all you will notice an increase in traffic and conversions. Internet users will begin clicking your ads in search engines and visiting your website. You'll also get our detailed reports providing all the stats necessary to evaluate the results.
What budget should I plan for my PPC campaigns?
It depends on many factors. Please get a free individual consultation to know what budget is right for you.
Does PPC suit my business?
This type of promotion suits almost all business niches. If you have doubts, please get a free individual consultation.

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