Ultimate checklist: how to promote website


If you have tried all the traditional methods of promoting a website and still wonder how to promote website so that it can generate leads and conversions, this checklist is for you. Based on its extensive marketing experience, Sunshine Digital Marketing Agency has prepared the list of the less traditional and unfortunately under-used techniques:


At the core of retargeting ads lies the concept of leaving a tracking cookie in browsers of the people who once visited your website. Afterwards, when they were supposed to go away from your site and forget it altogether, they all out of sudden begin noticing ads everywhere which might get into their subconscious minds and get them back. Employing this kind of website promotion technique gives you a fantastic opportunity to have an impact on people who depart from your website without any targeted action taken — which is on average around 87 percent of all the people ever visiting your website — and makes retargeting a profitable tactics in attracting those people to return and engage with your company more intensively. You’ve already put a lot of painstaking efforts into creating new leads, but the majority of the traffic is fleeting and passing…so lure them in to check your website one more time to ensure your company is not wasting those investments it has already put into website development and design.

Include Your Website to Professional Unions, Association Websites and Niche Directories

Some directories devoted to certain business sectors, such as transport or marketing. Your company is likely to be a member of different business leagues and societies which websites have something similar to affiliate directories. Your task is to learn how to get an free invitation link. They may ask you to make some financial contribution to them to get a link from the association. This is a great way of increasing your PageRank and website reputation.

There is a downside to the method: there is too much scam out there that masks itself as a directory. Beware untrustworthy or shabby directories that have a nature of emerging very quickly and getting into the thing air just as quickly. Otherwise, all the efforts you put into the submission process will be a real waste and never bring you a return on the investment. So do not over-indulge and try to cover all the possible directories. Be cautious of websites that pester and try to persuade you to choose “high-quality listings.” If a listing website is hardly known or heard of in your area of business, an upgraded listing is pure rubbish— but the free good-quality listing of well-established and well-reputed directory will help increase your PageRank and subsequently your Google ranking.

Add Your Website Address on Office supplies, Envelopes, Souvenirs or Brochures

Your task is to add your website address on all business supplies, souvenirs, clothes, and other surfaces that allow it without abusing the technique and getting ridiculous. And make sure that while printing it all out the website address is printed without any errors. In the process, it is adviced to get rid off the “http://” symbols so that only the www.yourwebsitename.com part remains. If your company has a policy of an office uniform, you can additionally include your website address on the clothes to get a walking promotion of your company. Is your company big enough to afford corporate transport? If yes, do not forget to include your website URL on the side of any auto or bus that’s out there moves your products or your employees.

Advertise using long-established advertising channels

Don’t underestimate traditional and seemingly old-hat promotion techniques that sometimes prove to be extremely productive and cost-efficient. You should consider adding your website address in any ad spot you can buy in professional and business magazines, periodicals, yellow pages, etc. You have to prepare the ad itself carefully by fine tuning to the print media style. View your website URL is important here, but the ad content is even more important to get people read to the end to place it there. But of course you have a right and freedom to put the website URL at the very beginning of the ad. But do not scare people right off! Employ a two-pillar technique: (1) get people’s attention with the snappy title and content of the ad, (2) then mention a URL where they can get more enlightening information and make a purchase. Analyze properly little spot or classified ads in the cover of professional niche journals or business union newspapers. The odds are these ads can attract as much as targeted audience as online promotion, sometimes even more than that. Another upside is that it can be more cost-efficient than the other counterpart that in turn is getting more expensive in the current digital revolution. Do not forget about other long-established channels to attract visitors to your website, such as direct mail, classifieds, post cards, etc. It can be a good way of attracting the older generation that is still using these types of media to get news from. TV can be used to advertise websites, particularly in a local market.

Create a Free Software or App

It’s no longer cool, if it ever was, to pester the target audience with, “Check out our website to get more information about our products and services.” But it is another story, if you invite them to “Use the free bathroom remodeling app that can only be found on our website and nowhere else.” Yes, we all know that it’s quite costly and unpredictable a venture to distribute for gratis the apps and software that cost your developers’ energy and efforts, but it can allow you reap rewards in the long haul by getting a boost in the number website visitors to your website and conversion rate. If the app is good and original, it can give you an incredible viral effect based purely on the human desire to share something useful with their friends! It is a key to make a free app relevant to the commercial products you are creating and promoting so the target audience will make profitable conversions for you and give the return on investment. Offer people various options and links that lead to the commercial segment of your website.

Set up a “Signature” in your Emails to make it easier for your potential clients contact you

More-often-than-not email programs offer you to adjunct a “signature” to the end of each letter you give away. Write no more than 7 to 9 lines: Company name, post address, phone number, URL, email address, and a succinct description of your USP. There are tons of samples that you can modify and use as a template.

Distribute an Email Newsletter

Although developing a regularly and automatically updated email promotion needs the devotion of time and effort, it proves to be one of the most cost-efficient website promotion methods. It might be represented in a form of a newsletter (“ezine”), some tips, business news, or information about new services or products — whatever you think your clients will enjoy reading. This is a fantastic technique to share your prospects, build trust, create brand recognition, and create a basis for digital marketing success. It also give you a great opportunity to get your hands on email addresses from those who visit your site, but do not intent to buy something right now. You can circulate your newsletter very cheaply by applying email marketing services such as: iContact, ConstantContact, and AWeber. If you have a very short list, most of these services allow you use their services for gratis until the list becomes bigger. Blog posts and articles can become the basis for the newsletters, but they are still different and distinct methods. You intentionally visit a blog to read it, while an email newsletter comes to you itself to be read.

Develop a System of Distributing Transactional and Reminder Emails

A transactional email is sent to an existing customer to trigger, remind, confirm, or thank the person. Use your imagination. If you gather personal information beforehand, you can send letter to clients on their celebrations and say to them that they are missed very much by your website community. Subscription confirmation emails can also talk briefly about a few popular commercial offers of your website. You might refresh your target audience memory by mentioning that it has been several months since their last order and ask if it’s time to come back or ask what they did not like about your products. You can also provide a coupon in the gratitude emails to lure your clients in back for a new purchase. Be bold, but don’t annoy people. Do it within some interval of time. You’re there to help them, not the opposite. Any time someone buys something from your website, add a catalog with their purchase to get them coming back for more.

Include Your Products into Shopping Comparison Bots and Auction Sites

If your company has an ecommerce website, it can be a great idea for your type of business. Shopping bots compare your offers and prices to others. Some function in a PPC (Pay Per Click) format, others in a CPA (Cost Per Action) format, sometimes asking money to get involved. Check out mySimon, BizRate, PriceGrabber, Google, and Shopping.com. Ecommerce websites that have inbuilt comparison functions are: eBay, Yahoo! Shopping, and Amazon Marketplace. You spend money only to get first-time clients, but it is expected that they can come to you a second, third, and fourth time, and so on.

If you have tried all of the techniques and still do not get any results, try getting first-hand data on what your clients want? Try developing an online quiz or poll to get their essential opinions on how your website should be compatible for them. Another option is to get an authoritative expertise consultation for gratis from a brilliant team of marketers and developers of Sunshine Digital Marketing Agency who will analyze your website, formulate the recommendations and take upon themselves to promote it.

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